Today's focus for MindSet Monday's is:

Commanding you Day by Being Expectant!

Today is a new day! A new day filled with limitless opportunities and second, third and forth chances. Your outlook on this day all depends on you. So why not have a new perception?!

Wake up expecting something good to happen. How often if ever, have you started your day believing something good was coming your way? I can be honest and say I rarely ever do. Just imagine how powerful your day would be if you made this mental shift! You would go from Blah to Excitement.

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Taking care of your body for God


You are God’s Temple! 1Corinthians-3.16

The weather is getting warmer and Summer is here. The tide of getting fit and looking good is storming in and flooding the beaches and gyms. Everyone wants to get right for the hot weather and the crowds of people that will surface. 

Have you ever stopped to think about whom your body belongs to? Do you know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? (1 Cor 3:16).  We are always so eager to change our lifestyles for a season. We want to exercise and diet to look good for the summer. We jump on the bandwagon and fall off and then on again. We continue with this cycle of fitness, nutrition and mental health goals to only find ourselves back where we started. We attempt to make all types of changes to live a better life and as quick as we start we stop. Why? Is it to impress others? Our own personal gains? Lack of motivation? Whatever the reason, we know that one thing is certain, we are all looking for a change. The question is, are we looking for change for the right reason? or For the moment and a season? Maybe the wrong reason is not allowing us to keep the commitment. 

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Welcome Visionaries and soon to be Transformers!

Glad to see you back so soon! If you have not done so, Please read the previous post (Part 2) "It all starts with a vision" before reading on.

Working towards achieving our goals and dreams start off with a vision, but we can't stop there. I REPEAT YOU CAN NOT STOP THERE! In order to get yourself out of the rut of dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying we must take another step. Making the choice to take the next step not only sets you apart, but gets you closer to achieving your dreams and bringing your vision to life. Plus if you don't take a step, then you will be standing still allowing your dreams, goals, and vision to go to waste. They were planted there for a reason and its your responsibility to act!

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