What is your 2014 Strategic Goal Plan?

UniquelyUncut encourages and supports you in making a plan to ensure 2014 is the best year yet

This time of year everyone is so eager to set New Years Resolutions as they look forward to a better year than last year. They swear up and down to themselves that they are going to change in this or that particular area, start exercises and being healthy, change bad habits and on and on. They start the year off strong and hard but then shortly after they go right back to their normal routines. All of the promises they made to themselves and others have now been broken. Why set yourself up for failure? Why beat yourself up for what you did not accomplish, when you could have and should have? Does this sound like you? If so that is ok because I will be sharing some tips with you on various ways to not only prepare for a great year but how to plan for one. 

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