What Dream do you have that the World is waiting on?

UniquelyUncut Celebrates, Honors and pays Tribute to the late great Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today is not just a holiday where we take off from work and school, but a holiday of remembrance, reflection, gratitude and hope. Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream just like you and I. What is the difference? King just didn't have a dream that he talked about, thought about or wished for. Should of, could of or would of what not in King's dream. He did not wait for someone else to to act but he had a dream that he acted upon! He took matters into his own hands. A dream that took sacrifice and courage to fight for what he believed in. He stood up for what was right, all while risking his life. It's one thing to have a dream and it's another to go after it. If Martin Luther King, Jr only had a dream that was contained, trapped and locked away in his mind, we wouldn't be where we are today. King is an example that all things are possible! Change is possible and one person can make a difference. All is takes is one. I hope that one is you!

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." -MLK Jr (WOW) 

Let the dream of Martin Luther King Jr motivate, inspire, revolutionize, ignite fire and create change in you. The world is waiting on your dream. A dream that will shape your future and empower your destiny. A dream that will change and shape the lives of others. A dream that will bless others and bring honor to God. Let your hope and faith guide you towards dream just as it did Martin Luther King, Jr. Someone is waiting on your dream to be realized and come to pass. Don't leave them hanging. 

What are you waiting on?! How will King's dream motivate you to take a step? 

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