Decide on your next Move. Make your Move and Make it Count!



To ensure you don't miss any parts of this series view Part1 and Part 2 of Game Time: What's your Position?



You still have time. You are on offense. No more talking. It's time for some action. It's all about making the right moves to score. You need a Victory and can't settle for anything less than that. The ball is in your court and on your side of the field. The enemy is approaching. Take him on face to face and go toe to toe. As he challenges you its time to self evaluate. What has been working? What has not been working? What kind of mindset do you need to be in? Do you need to shift your perspective and view? Change your outlook? What changes need to be made? What will your next move be? As you process, start shifting some things around. Consider your position and your moves.

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It's Game Time Ladies and Gentleman! It's the Fourth Quarter with THREE MONTHS remaining on the clock. What is going to be your next move? Every move you make will count! Get off the bench and stop cheering on the sidelines. It's time for you to get in the game and commit to stay in the game. Whatever game you find yourself in now is the time to give it all you've got. Your Defense must be tough and your Offense must be ready! You need both for a solid Victory. Your defense needs to be in tact because the enemy is going to try to attack and bring out all his best moves. It is your job to stop him! Lack of defense can prevent you from getting back on offense! Without getting back on offense creates problems to gain back power and control.

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