Welcome Visionaries and soon to be Transformers!

Glad to see you back so soon! If you have not done so, Please read the previous post (Part 2) "It all starts with a vision" before reading on.

Working towards achieving our goals and dreams start off with a vision, but we can't stop there. I REPEAT YOU CAN NOT STOP THERE! In order to get yourself out of the rut of dreaming, wishing, hoping and praying we must take another step. Making the choice to take the next step not only sets you apart, but gets you closer to achieving your dreams and bringing your vision to life. Plus if you don't take a step, then you will be standing still allowing your dreams, goals, and vision to go to waste. They were planted there for a reason and its your responsibility to act!

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Hey LuvBugs!

I am a huge promoter and advocate for "Keeping it Real!" Anything that I put out in the atmosphere you better know I believe it! Today's insight comes from daily on-going convo's with friends, family, co-workers and anyone who will listen, about wanting more beyond where you are (catchy title hmmmm next post maybe). I must be honest and admit that for a huge portion of my adult life, I found myself in the "Dreamer" category. Actually finally starting this site was a big step for me and I am no longer dating Mr. Procrastination. Yea about that dude…..we will talk more about him and for the fellas her at a later date.

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Kelly Rowland recently dropped a new single titled, "Dirty Laundry” and has everyone buzzing about it for all the wrong reasons. Almost every media site is emphasizing the alleged jealously and resentment towards Beyoncé. Not to add her abusive relationship in the midst of her singing career. NEGATIVITY NEGATIVITY! Seems to be that everyone is missing the big picture and the powerful message she portrays in this new song.

Let’s take a look at what Ms. Rowland has to say in her controversy yet liberating track. After reviewing these lyrics below, ask yourself these questions.

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