Kelly Rowland Talk a Good Game

Kelly Rowland is all in the media for her new album, "Talk A Good Game" which released June 18, 2013. Memorable lyrics, great beat, beautiful vocals, nice tempo and a POWERFUL MESSAGE describes Kelly's hot featured single "Dirty Laundry!" If you haven't heard this track that has everyone talking and trending, check out Kelly Rowland- Resentful, Jealous or Free? Of course I had to give an update on Ms. Rowland, as she inspired me to publish my very first article on Uniquely Uncut. She encouraged me for various reason but mainly because she represents what Uniquely Uncut is all about. Rowland not only made the cut but gets made love for being my MOTIVATION to add life to UU.

Why Kelly Rowland is Uniquely Uncut

  • Uniquely herself and embraces who she is
  • Her music is uncut, real, open, honest, and she keeps it 100%
  • Her story is her own personal testimony and an inspiration to others
  • She is complete and whole within herself
  • Confident, bold and fearless

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Taking care of your body for God


You are God’s Temple! 1Corinthians-3.16

The weather is getting warmer and Summer is here. The tide of getting fit and looking good is storming in and flooding the beaches and gyms. Everyone wants to get right for the hot weather and the crowds of people that will surface. 

Have you ever stopped to think about whom your body belongs to? Do you know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? (1 Cor 3:16).  We are always so eager to change our lifestyles for a season. We want to exercise and diet to look good for the summer. We jump on the bandwagon and fall off and then on again. We continue with this cycle of fitness, nutrition and mental health goals to only find ourselves back where we started. We attempt to make all types of changes to live a better life and as quick as we start we stop. Why? Is it to impress others? Our own personal gains? Lack of motivation? Whatever the reason, we know that one thing is certain, we are all looking for a change. The question is, are we looking for change for the right reason? or For the moment and a season? Maybe the wrong reason is not allowing us to keep the commitment. 

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Goal Setting and To Do Lists are a Marriage that can't be BROKEN! They go hand and hand and they shouldn't be separated.

                     Why do we need them?


*Keep you on track              *Help you stay focused

*Hold you accountable         *Show progress and growth

*Create direction                  *Increase Productivity

*Instill Hope                          *Form boundaries and limits

*Keep your organized           *Sense of accomplishment

*Keep you sane                    *Improves use of time spent


and so much more. Now you see why they are a must have in our lives.

The main object when setting goals, is for your goals to lead you to your Larger Goal. When setting goals make sure they are following:

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