Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You ever get the feeling that things are shifting in the atmosphere and a sense of knowing that things will work out for your good?! This is the very exact feeling I am experiencing. I am very optimistic and expectant of what 2014 will bring and you should too!  2013 for me was one of the most unpredictable years of my life. From huge losses, setbacks, disappointments, pain to feeling like I was in the fight of your life. Through it all I am blessed and grateful to say that I am still here and God did not allow for the enemy to take me out. No matter what your 2013 looked liked or felt like, you made it though! Use what you learned from every experience including the good, bad and the ugly. Don’t allow 2013 to define you or leave a bad taste in your mouth. Instead let your experiences shape, mold, prepare and propel you into the greatness that you have to offer in 2014. This is a  New Year with a chance and opportunity to do more and be more. The world is waiting on you and you have waiting on you. As I close the chapter of my old life and enter a season of newness, I believe that 2014 will be one of the best years yet. Uniquelyuncut wants to wish you a Happy New Year! Here is to a year of favor, expectation, completion, creation, purpose and fulfillment. I pray that each one of you is blessed beyond measure and your wildest dreams are birthed! The best is yet to come!

"Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning." (Psalms 30:5) ITS MORNING! 🙂  

Share your thoughts! What actions will you take to make sure 2014 is not a repeat? What lessons did you learn in 2013 that will help shape your choices in 2014? What are you expecting 2014 to bring? 

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Day 10: Write a Letter to Your Lizard Brain 
Stop clinging to your limitations. 
Instead of talking about why you can’t, brainstorm how you can. 

It can be so easy to talk yourself out of anything but if you would only use that power to talk yourself into it, oh what a different you would make. I stopped talking a while ago and from there I can only go up. Start thinking about all the ways you can achieve and accomplish what your heart is set out to do an steps that you can take to get there. One big thing I have been working on is a 2014 Strategic Goal plan that identifies my major goals and what I will do daily, weekly and monthly to get there. Its one thing to have all your thoughts just in your mind but completely different to have them on paper with a plan. Powerful.

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As I scrolled through my notifications on my Iphone I was hit with this breaking news from NBC. 


The Unemployment rate has fallen to seven percent, a five year low. 

All I could say was, "Thank you Lord! Thank you that this is not me." If you have a job you are blessed. You may not feel too blessed but the simple fact that you have is better than not having. It may not be the job you want or love, but you have one. Everyone can not say the same thing and someone else would love to be in your shoes. Gods word says in Colossians 3:23-24, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward." It is the Lord Christ you are serving. This is the holiday season and there are so many people who are lacking and going without. Be grateful that you have employment and that you are not apart of this horrible static. 

I would like challenge you to do a new thing to get different results.

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