Risk. Is it in you?

Risk. Is it in you?

Risk. Is it in you?

Life is all about taking risk. Right?! If you don't risk anything, you have actually risked it all. What good is a risk if it doesn't better yourself and others? I never considered myself as a risk taker, especially not in the area that matters most to me- My Career. When I think about various times in my life where I could have been taking risks and getting out my comfort zone, for me it doesn't seem too risky at all. Ha! Well that explains why I don't feel I fit the profile as a risk taker. From the perspective of others I have taken huge chances that many may not be confident enough to do. As a write this post and think about the risk I have taken, they really didn't cost me anything. What have I truly sacrificed for myself and others? Was the possible outcome really that important to me? Is what others may consider a risk, just me making moves in my comfort zone? Does it just seem easy and feel natural to me? Life is about sacrifice and taking risk for what you believe in, desire and the benefit of helping others. Maybe I haven't been taking many risk at all. Hmmmmm

If I haven't learned anything else, I've learned that life is short. Too short to be wasted. I am at the point in my life where something has got to give. Have I tried to plan every move of my life, yes. Has it it gotten me from point A to B, yes. One thing it has not done is excelled my ideal career. Yes planning and preparation is important but most often your goals and dreams call for something more. They call for sacrifice, stepping on on faith, taking a huge risk and getting completely out of your feelings and comfort zone. It has been said time and time again that you have to do what you've never done to get what you've never had. I am in the middle of the road between the two spectrums and I choose to risk it all. 

A great guy once told me that Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance and boy was he right. *wink* I finally took a step and got outside of my box, by joining Toastmasters. Toastmasters is an international nonprofit organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills. Yes I am intentionally choosing to speak in front of strangers, allow them to critique me and be subject to their feedback. For me not only is this stepping outside of my box, but it is a step closer to my goals, dreams and apirations. Here is my very first Icebreaker speech with Toastmasters, titled, "More than my Hair." The speech talks about my many calculated steps over the course of my life and how I take risk with my hair on a consistent basis. I always open up and talk a lot about myself so that my audience can get to know me. Here goes to putting it all out there and expecting nothing less than great in return. 

**Side note: Excuse the appearance of the video, its my first time taping on my IPad and messing with YouTube. I had a lot of fun editing though LOL!***

 If you click the YouTube or the title at the top of the video clip you can see all of my cool annotations lol. Enjoy! 

Share your Thoughts. Have you been taking Risk? Have the Risk you've been taking a sacrifice and benefit to you and others?? Do you have in it?-Yes!

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